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Answering Your Questions About Roofing Services

As experts in roof repair, the team at Knox Roofing is here to answer all your questions related to roofing. Our roofing company in Santa Cruz, CA often receives questions about our roofing services, so we’ve prepared an FAQ to help you learn more. We’re proud to offer residential and commercial roofing contractors and be the best local roofing company in Santa Cruz County. Browse through the answers to the questions we often receive and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any additional questions or would like to schedule roofing service for your home or business.


The Answers to Your Roofing Questions

Roofing is something many homeowners don’t think about unless something goes wrong. The team at Knox Roofing is here to handle all your roofing needs. Check out the answers to some of the questions we frequently receive about our roofing services:

How do I know if I need a new roof or roof repairs?

Our team can help you determine whether you require a roof repair or replacement. The age of your roof should be considered because many times, it will end up costing you more money to have it repaired frequently compared to replacing it with a newer model. We recommend annual roof inspections, and you can check for shingles that are cracked, warped, or missing.

What roofing materials do you offer?

Our professional roofers install and repair all commonly used roofing materials, including composition roofs, flat roofs, metal roofing, wood shake roofs, tile roofs, and more.

How do I know which type of roof is the best choice for my home?

Determining the best roofing choice for your home can be complicated, but we’re here to help. Factors include your budget, preferences, and the type of house you own. Check out this Roofing Buying Guide, or contact us for assistance.

How do I know if I have damage to my roof?

Sometimes you can see damage from the ground, but most of the time, the damage is not visible to an untrained eye. Get in touch with us to schedule a professional roofing inspection.

How long will it take to replace my roof?

Many residential roofing jobs can be finished in a single day. If your roof replacement takes more than one day, we will ensure your site is clean and secure at the end of the day, and any vulnerable areas of your roof are protected in the case of weather events.

How does the roofing process work?

Each roofing project is unique, but there are common steps used in the roofing process. We start with a thorough roof inspection from our roof experts. From there, we will create a proposal and present it to you. We then schedule the job, and you choose your desired roof type and color. Our team tears off your existing roof and performs an internal inspection. We install the specified underlayment and then install insulation. From there, we install the exterior layer of the roof and secure a final inspection by the regulating agency in Santa Cruz County or Monterey County.

Will you clean up after my roofing project?

Yes, we always do a thorough clean-up and walk-through after any roofing project. You get to approve the final cleaning after we’re finished, and we’ll ensure you are happy before we leave your home.

Why choose a Knox Roofing contractor?

We advise you to do your homework when it comes to choosing a roofing contractor. The team at Knox Roofing is experienced, with homeowners depending on us for 30 years. We offer free estimates and have financing options available. Whether you need a new roof installation, a roof restoration, or roofing repair, you can count on our team for friendly and reliable service. We’ve won several awards, including being a GAF MasterElite Contractor, the Owners Corning Corporation “Preferred Contractor” Award, the Duro-Last Roofing Inc. Admirals Club, the Certainteed Corporation Advisory Aboard “Master Applicator” and “Select Roof” Awards, and more.  We’re also proudly affiliated with the National Roofing Contractors Association, the Western States Roofing Contractors Association.

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You can count on Knox Roofing for all things related to roofing. We offer roof repair, roof replacement, gutter systems, home improvement, and we also have a Knox garden box and wood shop. Our residential roofing services include composition shingles, clay tile, metal roofs, synthetic shake, wood shake, concrete tile, and more. Our roofers also specialize in commercial flat top roofs. Contact us today to learn more or schedule service.

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