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We Offer Affordable Options to Finance Your Roofing System

A roofing project is something every homeowner must eventually face. Keeping your roof in top-performing shape is an important investment — one that can potentially pay you back over time in increased energy savings, reduced long-term costs, and greater home value. But what is the best way to pay for this major investment? For many homeowners, financing is the answer. Whether your roof needs minor repairs or a complete replacement, whether you’re looking to sell your home or looking or sell your home or simply enhance it — financing is a legitimate, affordable, and smart way to start your roofing project. Ask Knox Roofing how you can get a new roof today and pay for it over time.

Wells Fargo Financing

Increase Your Home’s Efficiency and Comfort With Financing From Greensky

Smile. Upgrading your home can be actually enjoyable.

The Greensky Financing Program is an affordable way to make energy-efficient home upgrades with industry-leading consumer safeguards throughout every step of your home project.

Who Is Greensky?

Greensky is a service provider that works with over a dozen of the nation’s largest lending institutions to make sure you always get a great competitive rate. We have financed over one million home improvement projects. We allow homeowners who might not be prepared for the expense of a large project and make it affordable.

Lower Utility Bills

Installing more efficient products can increase your home's comfort, and helping you see savings on your utility bills right away. These upgrades may also increase the value of your home.

Finance Your Roofing Project Through Wells Fargo

Roofing Project Financing Through Wells Fargo

Knox Roofing offers financing through Wells Fargo, a leader in consumer financing, bringing you this truly flexible credit program for your roofing project and other home improvement products and services. Allow Wells Fargo to finance your roofing repair or replacement project with the option of paying for the expense overtime.

You’ll get:
  • A quick-and-easy application process
  • Fast credit decisions
  • Immediate access to a revolving credit line upon approval
  • A wide range of financing options


Financing is subject to credit approval. Call us today to find out if you qualify.

  • Convenient monthly payments
  • A future line of credit for a “rainy day”
  • Superior customer service
  • The freedom to begin your roofing project today

Roof Financing — Your Questions Answered

Q. Why should I consider financing my roofing project?

A. Roofing can be a considerable — and often sudden — expense. For many homeowners, paying this expense out of the pocket simply isn’t an option. And depleting one’s saving isn’t necessarily a desirable solution, particularly in an uncertain economy. That’s where financing comes in. You can take care of your roofing needs now and pay for them over time — on a schedule that works for you and in amounts that work for your budget.

Q. Can I hold off on my roofing repairs rather than financing now?

A. Your roof is your home’s primary protection against the elements. The longer you wait to repair leaks, the greater the chance of serious damage. Leaks can cause blistering and peeling of interior paint, mold and mildew growth on interior ceilings and walls, and exterior decay on sheathing and siding — not to mention extensive damage in the attic. Your expenses will only increase unless you make your roofing repairs as soon as possible. Financing gives you the freedom to do that.

Q. Can I finance other home improvement projects?

A. Absolutely! Not only is financing a great way to repair or replace your roof, it can also be used to add other valuable enhancements to your home that can increase its resale value.

Q. Do I have to finance the full amount if my roofing project?

A. No. There is flexibility on the amount financed. Talk to Wells Fargo for details.

Q. There are lots of companies that offer financing. Do you have any recommendations?

A. Yes. GAF factory-certified contractors have access to a financing program with Wells Fargo, a trusted leader in the financing industry. This makes it even easier to start your roofing project today and pay for it over time.* To find out how, just ask your participating GAF factory-certified contractor.

* Financing is subject to credit approval.

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