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We Have a Selection of Beautiful, Custom Garden Boxes

It’s easy to create a smaller, more manageable and more prolific garden with a preassembled Knox Garden Box. Solve problems with overly compacted soil, poor drainage, voracious garden pests, damage cold temperatures, water shortages, and sore muscles from incessant bending and kneeling.

Knox Garden Boxes Make Gardening Fun and More Productive

Knox Garden Boxes make gardens more manageable and easier to create in smaller spaces. Our ingenious garden boxes are attractive and solve the common problems of compacted soil, poor drainage, garden pests, damage from cold temperatures and make your garden very water efficient. With a Knox Garden box, you can say goodbye to sore muscles from bending and kneeling.

Come see our full line of Knox Garden Boxes at our store located onsite at Knox Roofing. Our store also includes a variety of one of a kind, unique, handmade items including chairs, benches, birdhouses, planters and much more.

Don’t see the size you like? Knox Garden Boxes can be customized.

Product Catalog

Garden Box in Santa Cruz County, CA

Knox Garden Box Product List
ModelKingSize48" x 96" - 4' x 8' Price$829.00
ModelQueenSize42" x 90" - 3 1/2' x 7 1/2' Price$768.00
ModelBalconySize24" x 72" - 2' x 6'Price$692.00
ModelPrinceSize12" x 36" - 1' x 3'Price$185.00
ModelMini BoxSize8" x 24"Price$44.00
ModelHandles (set of 2)Price$35.00
ModelWheels (set of 4)Price$115.00
Soil Requirements
ModelCubic Feet
ModelKing ModelCubic Feet30 Cubic Feet
ModelQueen ModelCubic Feet23 Cubic Feet
ModelBalcony ModelCubic Feet10 Cubic Feet
ModelPrince ModelCubic Feet3 Cubic Feet
ModelMini BoxCubic Feet1 Cubic Feet

For Ordering Instructions Call: 831-461-0634

All boxes made from heavily constructed Redwood
All legs on above models are 36″ (3 ft) tall (excluding the Mini box)
Custom special orders available
All Knox Garden Boxes come already assembled, but can be dis-assembled for shipping
FOB 46 El Pueblo Rd, Scotts Valley, CA 95066


The Easy Way to Garden
  • No more bending or stooping
  • Creates healthier soil with better drainage
  • Helps control pests
  • Extends a typical gardening season
  • Sturdy construction using insect & rot resistant lumber ensures long life
  • Requires less maintenance than conventional garden beds
  • Wheels and handles make your garden portable

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